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Copeeks platform : modular services for a personalized experience

Over the last 6 months, Copeeks has been working on the redesign of its information system, to integrate a new concept : modules.

A module is an elementary brick that works autonomously to deliver a personalized service to each user. The module can be activated and deactivated on demand, from the user interface. It is composed of a set of calculation rules, neural networks, alerts and visual representations of information that will process the data provided by the Peek box.

Currently, a set of basic modules is offered to users, such as the analysis of the environment of a farm, with alerts to detect temperature drops, NH3 or CO2 increases. Each module takes into account the specificities of the farm (genetic strain, type of ventilation, access to the outside…) and modifies its operation accordingly by adjusting the reference values as well as the alert thresholds.

Sanitary events, changes in building settings or feed changes are taken into account to adapt recommendations and thus improve animal welfare and the environmental and zootechnical performance of the farm.

Thanks to deep-learning technologies and to the automatic animal tracking developed since 3 years by Copeeks, the animal behavior is analyzed and correlated to other indicators in order to detect behavioral anomalies such as overcrowding, a sudden drop in activity or a wrong use of space.

Notifications are communicated in real time to the farmer and his partners (veterinarian, cooperative technicians, feed suppliers, etc.) by email, SMS or telephone in order to act as quickly as possible and thus limit performance losses.

This modular architecture allows Copeeks to deliver to its customers a service adapted to their situation, while offering the possibility to each one to develop its own modules. Currently, three companies are working in collaboration with Copeeks to develop their own module, each one around a particular theme such as early detection of a pathology, advanced supervision or audits (see video : 1:26:00). 

Partners can thus include part of their expertise within a module and build a complete service in their image, which they will distribute to their customers or members.

Finally, a turnkey branding solution is offered to key account customers, including the customization of the colors, logos and names of their application, in order to distribute it as a white label, in a modular configuration chosen by them.

These customization steps are included in the Sandbox service offered since September 2020 by Copeeks to its corporate customers.