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Copeeks in a few words

Copeeks offers a set of digital services managing the collection, transmission and valorisation of farm data. Equipped with artificial intelligence, the solution automatically detects and alerts in case of behavioural or sanitary anomalies, or a bad atmosphere in the building. The interface of the cloud platform offers an enriched and ergonomic view of the results.

Real-time remote monitoring

Anticipation of anomalies and incidents

Improvement of breeding conditions

Optimisation of technical and economic performance

Our solutions

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Fixed Solution

The connected box is designed to be installed in livestock buildings. It measures in real time the evolution of the environment and animal behaviour on a sample of the breeding area. The collected data are then analysed and synthesised on the Copeeks Analytics platform.

Nomadic Solution

Diagno’Peek is a nomadic solution made up of several connected environmental sensors, for precise, real-time monitoring of the atmosphere in livestock buildings. This solution is aimed at professionals carrying out new installations, one-off diagnostics or audits in livestock buildings. 

What our customers say...

Copeeks services

Our offers include:

  • A configuration and handover session with a consultant,
  • Access to the customer support service from Monday to Friday from
    9am to 6pm by phone or email,

Our equipment is guaranteed and we manage:
Software updates, sensor recalibration and maintenance.

Additional services are also available:

  • Installation in the breeding sites,
  • Study of specific needs.

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