HIP’PEEK, Early detection of foaling by image analysis

Copeeks is pleased to have been awarded an Innov’Space prize (2 stars) on 11 July in the equine category for its new HIP’PEEK solution.

The HIP’PEEK solution is an intelligent connected solution that allows to follow and detect early in the box the arrival of the foal in brood mares.

The world of horse breeding mainly uses contraction detection belts or data analysis from accelerometers placed on the animal. These devices can be perceived as “intrusive” or “invasive” and can be subject to operational hazards.

The HIP’PEEK box is simple and quick to install in the mare’s stall. It will capture and analyze day and night via artificial intelligence algorithms the images and video sequences to detect seven behavioral criteria characteristic of the upcoming arrival of the foal.

These behavioral criteria are derived from studies conducted with ethologists directly in stud farms breeding trotters or thoroughbreds.

All these automatic analyses allow to predict the imminent arrival of the foal and to alert the people in charge of monitoring this critical phase in the stud farms.

The solution meets the growing need for automated and autonomous tools in the breeding farms in order to improve the comfort of the breeders, and to reduce the incidents with an early detection of the anomalies, or the risks during this critical phase for the mare and the foal.

If you would like to know more about this innovation, please contact us via our contact form.

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