Mobile solution for diagnosing the atmosphere in livestock buildings

The Diagno'PEEK offer is made up of mobile equipment backed by a data analysis application.

Diagno’Peek is a mobile case. It is composed of several connected environmental sensors, for precise, real-time monitoring of the atmosphere in livestock buildings. The solution is suitable for poultry, pig and ruminant production.
This solution is aimed at all professionals carrying out new installations, one-off diagnostics or audits in livestock farming (veterinarians, technicians, equipment manufacturers, breeders, consultancy firms, etc.).

This offer is available for sale and for rent.

Atmosphere analysis

Mobile solution

Real-time measurements

A large choice of sensors

Diagno'PEEK solution

The solution collects ambient data from multiple sensors. The equipment includes :

  • 4G and WiFi connectivity.
  • Connectors to atmosphere sensors and systems for attaching the sensors to the
    Connectors to the tripod mast.
  • A Copeeks configured touchscreen tablet with its stand fixed to the tripod.
  • An internal battery and power supply.
  • A wheeled storage and transport case.
  • A tripod with adjustable height (120 to 180 cm).

A large choice of sensors

T°/ Humidity / NH3 /CO2 sensor (indoor)

4G / WiFi connection antenna

Multi-directional fixing

Tablet and Companion application

Portable tripod

Fine particle sensor

Air speed sensor

Brightness sensor

The Companion application

It allows you to access the data analysis in a synthetic and detailed way.

The Companion application (Android) is installed and configured on the touchscreen tablet provided. 

The subscription to the application allows you to :

  • View data in real time on the Companion application,
  • Export data in .CSV or Excel format,
  • Transfer data via 4G connectivity
    (5 Giga monthly data package per device).

Copeeks services

Our offers include:

  • A configuration and handover session with a consultant,
  • Access to the customer support service from Monday to Friday from
    9am to 6pm by phone or email,

Our equipment is guaranteed and we manage:
Software updates, sensor recalibration and maintenance.

Additional services are also available:

  • Installation in the breeding sites,
  • Study of specific needs.

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