monitor the atmosphere of the buildings and the welfare of the animals

The PEEK Analytics offer consists of hardware equipment backed by a data analysis platform.

The connected box is designed to be installed in livestock buildings. It measures in real time the evolution of the environment and animal behaviour on a sample of the breeding area.  The collected data is then analysed and summarised on the Copeeks Analytics platform. 

This offer is available for sale or rent.

Measuring the atmosphere

Animal observation

Real-time monitoring

Alerting in case of anomalies

Material equipment

It collects images, videos and associated sensor data.

  • A 160° HD camera,
  • A sensor for measuring temperature, humidity, NH3 and CO2,
  • A wireless outdoor temperature and humidity sensor,
  • 4G and WiFi connectivity,
  • A fixing system,
  • A mains power supply.

160° HD camera

T°/ Humidity / NH3 /CO2 sensor (indoor)

T° / Humidity sensor (outdoor wireless)

4G / WiFi antenna

Fixing bracket

Power supply

The Copeeks Analytics platform

It allows you to access the data analysis in a synthetic and detailed way, and to access the following modules 

The Building Environment Module

  • Temperature :
    Indoor and outdoor,
  • Humidity :
    Indoor and outdoor,
  • CO²,
  • NH3.

The Behaviour module

  • Position of the animals
  • Activity level of the animals
  • Areas of interest

The Water Consumption module
(available as soon as a water meter is connected)

Detailed table Equipment - Features

The PEEK Analytics offer is available for sale or rent.

Other options are available and can be added to the PEEK Analytics package: 
Additional temperature and humidity sensors, water meters, fine particles, light, H2S.

Subscription to the Copeeks Analytics platform

Subscription to the Copeeks platform allows you to :

  • View data in real-time,
  • Export data in .CSV or
  • Excel format,
  • Access to the Copeeks API key,
  • Have 10 users accounts,
  • Benefit from 4G connectivity
    (monthly data package of 5 Giga per PEEK Analytics box).

You will benefit from pre-trained image analysis models in pig, poultry and cattle production:

  • Standing/laying position (pigs and cattle),
  • Animal activity,
  • Spatial distribution using “heat maps”,
  • Creation of areas of interest. .

With the platform you can also compare the performance between several batches and several boxes.

Copeeks services

Our offers include:

  • A session with a consultant to configure and get to grips with the platform,
  • Access to the customer support service from Monday to Friday from
    9am to 6pm by phone or email,

Our equipment is guaranteed and we manage:
Software updates, sensor recalibration and maintenance.

Additional services are also available:

  • Installation in the breeding sites,
  • Study of specific needs.

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