Copeeks joins Tell Elevage to create a center of expertise for performance and well-being in livestock farming

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Saint Evarzec (France), 21 August 2023

Founded in 2016 and 2017 respectively by Gwenaël Le Lay and Jean-Luc Martin, the two Breton Agritech start-ups have decided to take a major step forward in their collaboration and are today announcing that they are joining forces to create a center of expertise serving to improve performance and well-being in livestock farming.

Decided at the end of July, this merger is a logical next step. In 2020, the two companies had already forged an initial partnership by combining their research and resources to create a “Livestock Supervision” service. This new service combining real-time monitoring and recommendations was deployed in 2021 in the poultry sector with test breeders. The project demonstrated the real benefits of such a service for animals, with a significant increase in economic results and a reduction in mortality and a reduction in mortality and pathologies such as pododermatitis.

A single structure that retains both brands

With a strong desire for continuity, the decision was made to retain the two brands, each of which strategic and highly complementary business expertise. As part of this all the services currently provided by Tell Elevage and Copeeks will be maintained.

Jean-Luc Martin is in charge of general management, while Gwenaël Le Lay supports strategic direction, research and development and service environments. The head office remains at Saint-Evarzec in Finistère.

The two brands will have a joint stand at SPACE 2023 on 12, 13 and 14 September in the new Innovation Hall. Hall 3 Stand C13.

Supervision + Artificial Intelligence = Hypervision

The aim of this brand-new center of expertise is to continue innovating by combining the know-how and resources of Tell Elevage and Copeeks. Starting in September, work will focus on the continuation of the research undertaken in 2020 on farm supervision and the development of key performance indicators in real time. Recent innovations in artificial intelligence will help to remove the technological hurdles that are essential for a large-scale deployment of the solution.

The promise is simple: to help livestock farmers optimize the way they run their farms and meet the challenges facing the industry. in two words : « produce better ». This means that the project is in line with objectives 3 and 6 set out in the France 2030 plan and the advent of the farm of tomorrow. These are: “Decarbonizing our industry” and “investing in healthy, sustainable and traceable food”.

The first milestone has already been set for a Proof of Concept in spring 2024, with the launch of a first round of funding. The aim of this will be to accelerate the development of the solution and bring it to market.

Jean-Luc Martin, CEO de Tell-Elevage :

« It seemed obvious to us that Tell Elevage and Copeeks should join forces, as their skills are so complementary for our customers. Combining our activities will enable us to go much further, and It’s a natural step in the right direction.

There’s no denying it, to meet consumer expectations while ensuring our food sovereignty, livestock buildings are being modernized and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. This poses new challenges for farmers, how can we produce better without producing less ?

Personally, I’m convinced that we need to start by giving farmers the keys to understand their buildings and help them to improve the living conditions of their animals. To do this, our mission is based on 3 fundamental pillars : collecting farm data, analyzing it and sharing improvement actions with the technical teams in real time. To carry it out, we are convinced that our solutions must be designed from the outset to be both collaborative and participative. That’s the challenge we’ve set ourselves, to make the data speak for the benefit of farmers and the entire production chain.

Finally, because the problems we face in France are the same all over the world, our development should not be limited to France, but should also be exported. »

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Gwenaël Le Lay, Fondateur de Copeeks :

« Our businesses are highly complementary, and the expertise and experience of both organisations will be real assets in structuring the development of new offerings and services over the coming months.

Copeeks solutions are increasingly in demand outside France, particularly in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. The knowledge of the field acquired by the two structures for 7 years in the various production sectors gives us a significant competitive advantage and undeniable expertise in the field, including at European level.

One example of this, is the large number of customers who ask us to set up indicators air quality, early detection of pathologies and abnormalities, behavioural analysis and objective assessment of animal welfare. Tell Elevage’s business expertise will enable us to consolidate reference thresholds for the various sectors, including insect farming. »

Growth targets with sales of €1 million set for 2026

Innovate, yes, but with the aim of creating a sustainable business model that secures the company’s expertise over time. The combination of Tell Elevage and Copeeks means that the two brands to capitalize on their existing activities, with their complementarity for customers. It will also enable them to expand internationally and into new markets such as insect farming, which is growing strongly in Europe, with sales expected to exceed €220 million by 2023(1). The company has set itself the target of achieving sales of 1 million euros in sales by 2026.

(1) Source : Foreccast study Meticulous Research, Bloomberg

About Tell Elevage :

Tell Elevage is a startup based in Saint-Evarzec in Finistère. It was founded in 2017 by Jean-Luc Martin after he left the general management of Tuffigo Rapidex, a manufacturer of livestock equipment. It carries out technical diagnostics for pig and poultry farm buildings in the fields of ventilation and atmosphere feeding and cooling systems, and airtightness, and helps farmers with their building and renovation projects.

A diagnosis takes place over a day of measurements and analyses to review over 1,500 issues depending on the type full of building. At the end, a report and a collaborative action plan are generated automatically.

Tell Elevage’s services won two Innov’Space awards in 2019. Tell Elevage currently operates throughout France and in neighboring countries.

About Copeeks :

Copeeks is a startup based in Lannion, Brittany. It was founded in 2016 by Gwenaël Le Lay. It offers connected services for monitoring and improving the performance of cattle, pig and poultry farms, as well as animal welfare.

Its solutions are genuine decision-making aids for day-to-day operations, providing objective, accurate analysis of the animal behavior. To do this, they use the latest advances in artificial intelligence.

The entire range of products and services enables players in the world of agricultural production to develop new services and meet the challenges of animal welfare, environmental impact and production traceability.

PEEK’s solutions, which have won four Innov’Space awards (two in 2019 and two in 2022) and one SIMA awards (2022), are now used by more than 130 customers and 500 users in France and Europe.

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